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CREATE TABLE Addresses ( ID INT, Name VARCHAR(100), AddressType VARCHAR(100), Address VARCHAR(100), Features VARCHAR(100) )
 hidden batch(es)

INSERT INTO Addresses (ID, Name, AddressType, Address, Features) VALUES (1, 'Bob', 'Home', '123 Nope St', 'JP') ,(2, 'John', 'Work', '555 Fake St', 'MNGF') ,(2, 'John', 'Home', '654 Madeup Ln', 'IMP JP') ,(3, 'Kim', 'Work', '92 Nadda Blvd', 'MP')
4 rows affected
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;WITH AddressFeatures AS ( SELECT ID, STRING_AGG(Features, ' ') AS Features FROM Addresses GROUP BY ID ) SELECT s1.ID, s1.Name, s1.AddressType, s1.Address, af.Features FROM ( SELECT ID, Name, AddressType, Address , ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY ID ORDER BY CASE WHEN AddressType = 'Work' THEN 1 ELSE 2 END) AS AddressTypeOrder FROM Addresses ) s1 INNER JOIN AddressFeatures af ON af.ID = s1.ID WHERE AddressTypeOrder = 1
ID Name AddressType Address Features
1 Bob Home 123 Nope St JP
2 John Work 555 Fake St MNGF IMP JP
3 Kim Work 92 Nadda Blvd MP
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