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CREATE TABLE #Mail( [Name] [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL, [Surname] [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL, [Email_adress] [nvarchar](500) NULL, ) ON [PRIMARY];
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INSERT INTO #Mail ( [Name], [Surname], [Email_adress]) VALUES ('Mary', 'Green', ''), ('Lory', 'Red', ''), ('John', 'Yellow', ''), ('Susan', 'De Blue', '');
4 rows affected
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SELECT *,CHARINDEX('@',[Email_adress]) AS [Position], LEFT([Email_adress],CHARINDEX('@',[Email_adress])-1) AS [Mail_username] FROM #Mail
Name Surname Email_adress Position Mail_username
Mary Green 11
Lory Red 5 lory
John Yellow 9 j.yellow
Susan De Blue 5 susy
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