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CREATE TABLE grades(student text, subject text, grade float);
 hidden batch(es)

INSERT INTO grades VALUES ('Alice', 'Geography', 4.0), ('Alice', 'History', 4.5), ('Alice', 'Math', 4.0), ('Bob', 'Geography', 3.0), ('Bob', 'History', 3.0), ('Bob', 'Math', 3.5), ('Charlie', 'Geography', 4.5), ('Charlie', 'History', 4.0), ('Charlie', 'Math', 3.0);
9 rows affected
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SELECT * FROM grades
student subject grade
Alice Geography 4
Alice History 4.5
Alice Math 4
Bob Geography 3
Bob History 3
Bob Math 3.5
Charlie Geography 4.5
Charlie History 4
Charlie Math 3
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SELECT * FROM crosstab('SELECT student, subject, grade FROM grades order by 1,2') AS final_result(Student TEXT, Geography FLOAT, History FLOAT, Math Float);
student geography history math
Alice 4 4.5 4
Bob 3 3 3.5
Charlie 4.5 4 3
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SELECT student, name, value FROM grades JOIN LATERAL (VALUES('subject', grades.subject), ('grade', cast(grade AS text))) s(name, value) ON true
student name value
Alice subject Geography
Alice grade 4
Alice subject History
Alice grade 4.5
Alice subject Math
Alice grade 4
Bob subject Geography
Bob grade 3
Bob subject History
Bob grade 3
Bob subject Math
Bob grade 3.5
Charlie subject Geography
Charlie grade 4.5
Charlie subject History
Charlie grade 4
Charlie subject Math
Charlie grade 3
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