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CREATE TABLE table1 ( `id` INTEGER, `title` VARCHAR(18), `rank_index` VARCHAR(4) ); INSERT INTO table1 (`id`, `title`, `rank_index`) VALUES ('1', 'An awesome product', NULL), ('2', 'Another product', '3'), ('3', 'Baby car', NULL), ('4', 'Green carpet', '1'), ('5', 'Toy', NULL);
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SELECT, t1.`title`,t1.`rank_index` FROM table1 t1 CROSS JOIN ( SELECT MAX(id) maxid FROM table1) t2 ORDER BY IF(rank_index IS NULL, maxid - id + 1 , rank_index - 0.5) ASC
id title rank_index
4 Green carpet 1
5 Toy
2 Another product 3
3 Baby car
1 An awesome product
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