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CREATE TABLE #Food( [Code] [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL, [Group] [nvarchar](100) NULL, [Quantity] [int] NOT NULL, [Color] [nvarchar](50) NULL, ) ON [PRIMARY];
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INSERT INTO #Food ( [Code], [Group], [Quantity],[Color] ) VALUES ('Apple', 'Fruit', 44, 'red'), ('Apple', 'Fruit', 1, 'yellow'), ('Pineapple', 'Fruit', 14, 'brown'), ('Apple', 'Fruit', 12, 'red'), ('Banana', 'Fruit', 1, 'yellow'), ('Tomatoes', 'Vegetables', 8, 'red'), ('Cucumbers', 'Vegetables', 3, 'green');
7 rows affected
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Code Group Quantity Color
Apple Fruit 44 red
Apple Fruit 1 yellow
Pineapple Fruit 14 brown
Apple Fruit 12 red
Banana Fruit 1 yellow
Tomatoes Vegetables 8 red
Cucumbers Vegetables 3 green
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ALTER TABLE #Food ADD Price decimal(10,3) NOT NULL DEFAULT(0)
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Code Group Quantity Color Price
Apple Fruit 44 red 0.000
Apple Fruit 1 yellow 0.000
Pineapple Fruit 14 brown 0.000
Apple Fruit 12 red 0.000
Banana Fruit 1 yellow 0.000
Tomatoes Vegetables 8 red 0.000
Cucumbers Vegetables 3 green 0.000
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