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CREATE TABLE customers ( id int NOT NULL, first_name VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, last_name VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, city VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, state VARCHAR(5), PRIMARY KEY (id) ); INSERT INTO customers (id, first_name, last_name, city, state) VALUES (1, 'François', 'Tremblay', 'Montreal', 'QC'), (2, 'Bjørn', 'Hansen', 'Oslo',null), (3, 'Helena', 'Holý', 'Prague', null), (4, 'Fernanda', 'Ramos', 'Brasília', 'DF'); SELECT TOP 2 id Id ,first_name FirstName ,last_name LastName ,city City ,COALESCE(state, '') State FROM customers FOR XML PATH('Customer'), ROOT('Customers')
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