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CREATE TABLE source (hierarchy VARCHAR(8), setting INT, "option" INT, preference VARCHAR(8), color VARCHAR(8))
 hidden batch(es)

INSERT INTO source VALUES ('100',NULL,1,NULL ,NULL), ('10' ,NULL,2,'square' ,NULL), ('1' ,0 ,3,'rounded','green')
3 rows affected
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WITH cte AS ( SELECT hierarchy, setting, "option", preference, color FROM source s1 WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM SOURCE s2 WHERE s2.hierarchy LIKE s1.hierarchy+'_') UNION ALL SELECT s.hierarchy, COALESCE(cte.setting, s.setting), COALESCE(cte."option", s."option"), COALESCE(cte.preference, s.preference), COALESCE(cte.color, s.color) FROM source s JOIN cte ON cte.hierarchy LIKE s.hierarchy+'_' ) SELECT setting, "option", preference, color FROM cte WHERE hierarchy LIKE '_'
setting option preference color
0 1 square green
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