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DECLARE @Test NVARCHAR(10) = N'🐿️'; SELECT DATALENGTH(@Test) AS [DataLength], CONVERT(VARBINARY(10), @Test, 0) AS [Hex], LEN(@Test) AS [Length]; SELECT CONVERT(NVARCHAR(10), 0x3DD83FDC0FFE) AS [Original], CONVERT(NVARCHAR(10), 0x3DD83FDC) AS [IsSame?]; -- Chipmunk U+1F43F ( ) DECLARE @Test2 NVARCHAR(10) = N'🐿'; SELECT DATALENGTH(@Test2) AS [DataLength], CONVERT(VARBINARY(10), @Test2, 0) AS [Hex], LEN(@Test2) AS [Length]; -- Variation Selector-16 U+FE0F ( ) DECLARE @Test3 NVARCHAR(10) = NCHAR(0xFE0F); SELECT DATALENGTH(@Test3) AS [DataLength], CONVERT(VARBINARY(10), @Test3, 0) AS [Hex], LEN(@Test3) AS [Length];
DataLength Hex Length
6 0x3DD83FDC0FFE 3
Original IsSame?
🐿️ 🐿
DataLength Hex Length
4 0x3DD83FDC 2
DataLength Hex Length
2 0x0FFE 1
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