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CREATE TABLE xmldata ( id bigserial not null, documents xml ) ;
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INSERT INTO xmldata(documents) VALUES (' <data> <test color="red">Red text</test> <test color="green">green</test> </data> ') ;
1 rows affected
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SELECT id, xpath('//test', documents) FROM xmldata;
id xpath
1 {"<test color=\"red\">Red text</test>","<test color=\"green\">green</test>"}
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WITH s0 AS ( -- Your original query SELECT id, xpath('//test', documents) AS x FROM xmldata ) , s1 AS ( -- We unnest the array (convert it to rows) SELECT id, unnest(x) AS xml_node FROM s0 ) SELECT id, xml_node, (regexp_matches(xml_node::text, '<test[^>]*>(.*)<\/test>'))[1] AS data FROM s1 ;
id xml_node data
1 <test color="red">Red text</test> Red text
1 <test color="green">green</test> green
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-- Compacted version SELECT id, (regexp_matches(unnest(xpath('//test', documents))::text, '<test[^>]*>(.*)<\/test>'))[1] AS xml_node FROM xmldata
id xml_node
1 Red text
1 green
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