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create table Stores ( Store_ID integer primary key, Warehouse_ID integer not null, Employee_ID integer, Owner_name varchar2 (255) not null, Store_hours varchar2(255) not null, Store_name varchar2(255) not null, Store_Address varchar2(255) not null -- CONSTRAINT Warehouse_FK_Store FOREIGN KEY (Warehouse_ID) REFERENCES Warehouse (Warehouse_ID), -- CONSTRAINT Employee_FK_Store FOREIGN KEY (Employee_ID) REFERENCES Employee (Employee_ID) );
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insert into Stores (Store_ID, Warehouse_ID, Employee_ID, Owner_name, Store_Hours, Store_name, Store_Address) values (101, 1001, NULL , 'Grant Campbell', '7:00am - 10:00pm', 'Papakura', '331-345 Great South Road, Takanini, Auckland, 2110');
1 rows affected
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