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SELECT _utf8mb4 0xF09F91BE AS "UTF-8 bytes in 0x notation", _utf8mb4 X'F09F91BE' AS "UTF-8 bytes in X'' notation", _utf32 0x1F47E AS "Code Point in 0x notation", _utf32 X'01F47E' AS "Code Point in X'' notation";
UTF-8 bytes in 0x notation UTF-8 bytes in X'' notation Code Point in 0x notation Code Point in X'' notation
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# BMP Character ( U+0F02 = ༂ ): SELECT _utf8 0xE0BC82, # 3-byte (BMP-only) UTF-8 _utf8mb4 0xE0BC82, # Full UTF-8 _utf16 0xF02, # UTF-16 (implied Big Endian) _utf16le 0x020F, # UTF-16 Little Endian _utf32 0xF02; # Code Point / UTF-32
_utf8 0xE0BC82 _utf8mb4 0xE0BC82 _utf16 0xF02 _utf16le 0x020F _utf32 0xF02
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# Supplementary Character ( U+1F47E = 👾 ): SELECT _utf16 0xD83DDC7E, # UTF-16 (implied Big Endian) Surrogate Pair _utf16le 0x3DD87EDC, # UTF-16 Little Endian Surrogate Pair _utf32 0x1F47E; # Code Point / UTF-32
_utf16 0xD83DDC7E _utf16le 0x3DD87EDC _utf32 0x1F47E
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# CHAR(0xHEX USING encoding) function: SELECT CHAR(0xF09F91BE USING utf8mb4) AS "UTF-8 bytes", CHAR(0xD83DDC7E USING utf16) AS "UTF-16 Big Endian Surrogate Pair", CHAR(0x3DD87EDC USING utf16le) AS "UTF-16 Little Endian Surrogate Pair", CHAR(0x0001F47E USING utf32) AS "Code Point / UTF-32", CHAR(0x1F47E USING utf32) AS "Code Point / UTF-32 (implied leading zeros)";
UTF-8 bytes UTF-16 Big Endian Surrogate Pair UTF-16 Little Endian Surrogate Pair Code Point / UTF-32 Code Point / UTF-32 (implied leading zeros)
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