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create table messages(sent varchar(200), verif int); insert into messages values ('hello my name is alex', null), ('hey alin and alex I''m tom', null), ('hello alex my name is alin', null);
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select * from messages;
sent verif
hello my name is alex
hey alin and alex I'm tom
hello alex my name is alin
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with recursive cte as ( select substring(concat(sent, ' '), 1, locate(' ', sent)) word, substring(concat(sent, ' '), locate(' ', sent) + 1) sent from messages union all select substring(sent, 1, locate(' ', sent)) word, substring(sent, locate(' ', sent) + 1) sent from cte where locate(' ', sent) > 0 ) select row_number() over(order by count(*) desc, word) wid, word, count(*) freq from cte group by word order by wid
wid word freq
1 alex 3
2 alin 2
3 hello 2
4 is 2
5 my 2
6 name 2
7 and 1
8 hey 1
9 I'm 1
10 tom 1
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select * from words;
Table 'db_2125433518.words' doesn't exist
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