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create table kebutuhan (id int, no varchar(50), nama_kebutuhan varchar(50), jumlah int); insert into kebutuhan values (151, '17717072', 'Pagar Panel MF', 10) , (152, 17717072, 'U 30.30.120 T3', 30); create table supply (id int, no varchar(50), nama_barang varchar(50), penyedia int); insert into supply values (1, '17717072', 'U 30.30.120 T3', 5);
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SELECT k.nama_kebutuhan , SUM(k.jumlah) AS 'jumlah' , SUM(s.penyedia) AS 'jumlah2' FROM kebutuhan k LEFT JOIN supply s ON AND k.nama_kebutuhan = s.nama_barang WHERE = '17717072' GROUP BY k.nama_kebutuhan;
nama_kebutuhan jumlah jumlah2
Pagar Panel MF 10
U 30.30.120 T3 30 5
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