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CREATE TABLE `markers` ( `id` INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY , `name` VARCHAR( 60 ) NOT NULL , `address` VARCHAR( 80 ) NOT NULL , `lat` DOUBLE NOT NULL , `lng` DOUBLE NOT NULL ) ; INSERT INTO `markers` (`id`, `name`, `address`, `lat`, `lng`) VALUES ('1','Heir Apparel','Crowea Pl, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086','-33.737885','151.235260'); INSERT INTO `markers` (`id`, `name`, `address`, `lat`, `lng`) VALUES ('2','BeeYourself Clothing','Thalia St, Hassall Grove NSW 2761','-33.729752','150.836090'); INSERT INTO `markers` (`id`, `name`, `address`, `lat`, `lng`) VALUES ('3','Dress Code','Glenview Avenue, Revesby, NSW 2212','-33.949448','151.008591'); INSERT INTO `markers` (`id`, `name`, `address`, `lat`, `lng`) VALUES ('4','The Legacy','Charlotte Ln, Chatswood NSW 2067','-33.796669','151.183609'); INSERT INTO `markers` (`id`, `name`, `address`, `lat`, `lng`) VALUES ('5','Fashiontasia','Braidwood Dr, Prestons NSW 2170','-33.944489','150.854706'); INSERT INTO `markers` (`id`, `name`, `address`, `lat`, `lng`) VALUES ('6','Trish & Tash','Lincoln St, Lane Cove West NSW 2066','-33.812222','151.143707'); INSERT INTO `markers` (`id`, `name`, `address`, `lat`, `lng`) VALUES ('7','Perfect Fit','Darley Rd, Randwick NSW 2031','-33.903557','151.237732'); INSERT INTO `markers` (`id`, `name`, `address`, `lat`, `lng`) VALUES ('8','Buena Ropa!','Brodie St, Rydalmere NSW 2116','-33.815521','151.026642'); INSERT INTO `markers` (`id`, `name`, `address`, `lat`, `lng`) VALUES ('9','Coxcomb and Lily Boutique','Ferrers Rd, Horsley Park NSW 2175','-33.829525','150.873764'); INSERT INTO `markers` (`id`, `name`, `address`, `lat`, `lng`) VALUES ('10','Moda Couture','Northcote Rd, Glebe NSW 2037','-33.873882','151.177460');
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SELECT id, name, lat, lng, round(ST_Distance_Sphere(Point(lng,lat),Point(150.5,-33.8))) as distancia FROM markers WHERE ST_Distance_Sphere(Point(lng,lat),Point(150.5,-33.8))<50000
id name lat lng distancia
2 BeeYourself Clothing -33.729752 150.83609 32035
3 Dress Code -33.949448 151.008591 49807
5 Fashiontasia -33.944489 150.854706 36476
8 Buena Ropa! -33.815521 151.026642 48688
9 Coxcomb and Lily Boutique -33.829525 150.873764 34686
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