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CREATE TABLE nodes ( node_id int not null primary key -- , other attributes of a node );
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CREATE TABLE parent_nodes ( node_id int not null primary key references nodes (node_id) , parent_id int not null references nodes (node_id) );
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CREATE TABLE ancestor_nodes ( node_id int not null references nodes (node_id) , ancestor_id int not null references nodes (node_id) );
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create trigger add_closure after insert on parent_nodes referencing new as n for each row begin insert into ancestor_nodes (node_id, ancestor_id) values (n.node_id, n.parent_id) union all select n.node_id, ancestor_id from ancestor_nodes where node_id = n.parent_id union all select node_id, n.parent_id from ancestor_nodes where ancestor_id = n.node_id union all select a.node_id, b.ancestor_id from ancestor_nodes a cross join ancestor_nodes b where a.ancestor_id = n.node_id and b.node_id = n.parent_id; -- end;
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insert into nodes (node_id) values (1),(2),(3),(4),(5);
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insert into parent_nodes (node_id, parent_id) values (5,4),(4,3),(3,1),(2,1);
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select * from ancestor_nodes;
5 4
5 3
4 3
5 1
4 1
3 1
2 1
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